Open Farms Festival – Taste of Häme!

Saturday 13 July 2024

The Open Farms Festival offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the historic Häme countryside, visit local farms and shops, learn about rural life, and shop for local produce.

The farms and venues welcoming visitors are an interesting mix of agricultural food producers, farms and manor houses, and local artisans. The Open Farms Festival invites you to spend a memorable summer day in the beautiful Häme countryside. Welcome!

Event venues are generally open 11.00–16.00.
See event locations on the map.


 Ainoa Winery, Lahti

Ainoa Winery makes wines from Finnish berries that have won awards in France, Germany and California, wines that have put Finland on the world’s wine map. On open farm day we offer free tours to explain how the wines are made. You can also enjoy a tasting of wines, wines & cheese or wines & chocolates. A selection of other local products is also available.

Open Saturday 13 July at 10.00–18.00

Contact details

Paola Guerrero de Cohen
Tel. +358 40 322 2959
Rekolanpolku 65, Hollola

Facebook: Ainoa Winery by finnviini
Instagram: ainoawinery

Asikkalan Juustola/Perttulan tila, Asikkala

Welcome to see where milk and cheese come from! A small dairy has been built on the Perttula dairy farm, so you can see both the cows and the dairy on the farm.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–15.00

Contact details

Emma Murto

Puh: 041 536 6889

Vähimaantie 119

17440 Vähimaa

Facebook: Asikkalan juustola

Instagram: Perttulan maatila

TikTok: Asikkalan juustola

Elonkierto, Jokioinen

Elonkierto farm tells the story of research into natural resources. It’s a place where you can learn how people and nature work together.

Cows, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens graze in the park by Jokioinen Manor. You can view an interactive digital map (in Finnish) on the Elonkierto website. There is a café serving coffee, refreshments, ice cream, and pastries.

Café open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Miia Kuhanen
p. 0505474729
Ojaistentie 44, 31600 Jokioinen

Facebook: elonkierto
Instagram: elonkierto

Haaralan tila, Orimattila

Haaralan tila  produces  grain in Päijät-Häme. From farm store and online store in Orimattila you will find Carhartt’s clothes for work and leisure.

At open farms weekend you can get to know the farm’s machines, admire the farm’s chickens and ducks, shop in the farmshop and enjoy the cafe’s deligious meals.

Café open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00 and

Contact details

Satu Harden
Tel +358 40 847 8683
Haaralantie 50, 16390 Pakaa (Orimattila)

Facebook: Haaralan tila

Instagram: Haaralantila

YouTube: haaralantila

Hakolan Marjatila, Janakkala

Hakolan Marjatila berry farm is a little house on the prairie where organic berries, grains and herbs are grown and processed. The farm also has bees, chickens, and sheep.

See how honey is made and meet the animals. The farm shop sells organic berries, organic flour, jams, juices, syrups, honey, beeswax candles, cakes, and more.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00 

Contact details

Outi Koskinen
Tel. +358 400 487 866
Piilokivi 26, 14200 Turenki

Facebook: Hakolan Marjatila
Instagram: hakolanmarjatila

Halmelan tila, Loppi

Halmela’s farm is not exactly an ordinary farm. On this farm, goats and goat’s milk play the main role. The farm actually produces goat’s milk, from which good Finnish products are processed at Juustoportti. The farm’s fields grow grass, broad beans and oats. Open farms – Taste of Häme -day on Saturday 13 July 2024 you can see grazing goats.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Jonna Ukkola

Puh: 040 757 3757

Halmelantie 77

12700 Loppi


Heinolan Heila, Heinola

Heinolan Heila is a food market and restaurant with high-quality local food including dairy products, fresh vegetables, and berries.

Visit the Heila shop, café, meat market, and small brewery shop. Heila sells products from 250 small producers, and many of the local ones will be at the Open Farms Festival.

Open Saturday 13 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday at 11.00-19.00, Monday – Friday at 10.00-19.00 

Contact details

Titta Pihamaa-Matsar
p. 050 593 8747
Työmiehentie 35, Heinola

Facebook: Heinolan Heila
Instagram: heinolan_heila

Hirvilammen luomu, Hämeenlinna

Hirvilammen luomu has 40 cows with calves, heifers, and breeding bulls grazing on the farm. Animal welfare and the improvement of biodiversity are the cornerstones of the farm’s activities.

Say hello to and feed the small flock of hens and sheep. There is a café for visitors.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Susanna Valtonen
Tel. +358 44 9737400
Hirvilammentie, 13700 Hämeenlinna

Facebook: Hirvilammin luomu
Instagram: hirvilammenluomu
Youtube: Susanna Valtonen

Hongola Gård/Honkalan Kartano, Urjala

Honkala manor is an organic farm which raises Black Angus beef cattle ethically and environmentally friendly way. 

Greet the animals, shop for meat 

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Sisko Hakala

P. 03-5464120
Kartanonkuja 80, 31730 Honkola


Facebook: Hongola Gård

Instagram: hongolagard

Huljalan Tupala, Hämeenkoski

Huljalan Tupala has been in same family since 1724. Cows graze in forest pastures, and the organic farm grows broad beans, hemp, and buckwheat.

Join a tour of a traditional biotope pasture at 12.30. There is a café and a farm shop, and you can pick your own vegetables directly from the field.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Laura Hämäläinen
Tel. +358 400 978 665
Vanhatie 239, 16800 Hämeenkoski

Facebook: Huljalan Tupala

Häme Highland Honey, Hämeenkoski

The Häme Highland Honey -farm focuses on nature and game management as well as beekeeping. 

Farm produces high-quality honey that tastes of the Häme Lake Uplands.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00 and

Sunday 14 July at 11.00-16.00

Contact details

Elisa Ahtosaari
p. 0405938700
Uurtaanharjuntie 144, Hämeenlinna

Facebook: Häme highland honey
Instagram: alhainenfamilyfarm


Iitin Maatilatori, Iitti

In connection with the grain farm, in the premises of the old barn, Maatilatori has a wide selection of products from around a hundred producers.

Open Saturday 13 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday 14 July at 12.00-16.00

Contact details

Marianne Rajala

040 5349312

Kymenrannantie 1

47400 Kausala

Facebook: Iitin Maatilatori

Instagram: Iitin Maatilatori


Kahvila Perunakuoppa, Loppi

Kahvila Perunakuoppa is a summer café run by the Räyskälä village association. The café is on a potato farm where you can buy potatoes, peas, honey, flour, bread, pastries, and local handicrafts.

During the Open Farms Festival, the café serves potato waffles with sweet and savoury fillings, and other delicacies made with seasonal berries, fruit, and vegetables.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Eliisa Pietilä
Tel. +358 50 356 3462
Räyskäläntie 562, 12820 Räyskälä

Facebook: Kahvila Perunakuoppa
Instagram: kahvilaperunakuoppa


Kankaisten Tila, Hämeenlinna

Kankaisten Tila farm is an oasis for self-pickers, families and hungry passers-by. The farm shop sells strawberries, raspberries, peas, and other local products. The crafts barn sells local handicrafts.

The idyllic summer café serves speciality coffees and pastries. You can see the farm’s animals in the farmyard, and there is a playground and a bouncy castle for children.

Open Saturday 13 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday 14 July at 11.00-18.00

Contact details

Pirkko Kämäri
Tel. +358 3 653 6666
Kankaisten Kylätie 58, 13270 Hämeenlinna

Facebook: Kankaisten tila
Instagram: kankaistentila


Keinuhongan tila, Padasjoki

In the local grocery store, you can find the farm’s own products as well as products from producers in the surrounding area. In the yard of Tilapuodi, there is a playground for children and an animal yard with sheep and rabbits. During the day, you can get to know the working machines of the farm.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Suvi-Marja Siljander
Tel. +358 40 562 8580
Keinuhongantie 54, 17610 Auttoinen

Facebook: Keinuhongan tila
Instagram: keinuhongantila


Kinnarin tila, Hollola

Welcome to the 356-year-old Kinnari family farm to get to know modern oat production and the home of lovely unsteamed oatmeal. You can visit the mill and we serve delicious oatmeal porridge to guests.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Terhi Kinnari

Puh. 0400 279 250

Soramäentie 1

25880 Hollola

Faceook: Kinnarin tila

Instagram: Kinnarin tila

Youtube: Kinnarin tila


Kuusamon Mansikkatila, Lammi

Kuusamon Mansikkatila has been growing strawberries since 1980. The farm also grows raspberries, peas, sweetcorn, and cereals, and makes juices, jams, jellies, and other products to grandma’s old recipes – without additives!

There is a café and a shop selling the farm’s own products as well as strawberry ice cream and strawberry lemonade made by other producers using the farm’s strawberries.

Open Saturday 13 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday 14 July at 10.00–19.00

Contact details

Johanna and Kai Mettälä
Tel. +358 40 722 9930
Niemenkulmantie 97, 16900 Lammi

Facebook: Kuusamon mansikkatila


Kyöstilän Tila, Orimattila

Kyöstilän tila farm produces organic milk and beef. During the Open Farms Festival, you can meet the grazing cows.

The farm shop sells organic beef and sausages, dried organic peas, rapeseed oil, and licorice. Stop for a tasty burger at the Kyöstilä burger bar.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Outi Kyöstilä
Tel. +358 44 548 2260
Orimattilantie 259, 16270 Villikkala

Facebook: Kyöstilän Tila

Instagram : Kyöstilän tila

Laihon lammas, Kärkölä

Laihon lammas is a cheep farm from Kärkölä. At the farm you can see cheeps, chickens, ducks and farm machines.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Niina Laiho
Tel. +358 44 987 9771
Myllykyläntie 398, 16610 Kärkölä

Facebook: Laihon lammas


Loma-Lassila, Orimattila

Loma-Lassila is a small farm located in Orimattila’s Artjärvi. The farm cultivates grass, oats, wheat, barley and, to varying degrees, oil hemp or peas. In addition to traditional crop cultivation, the farm has cottage accommodation and versatile animal activities.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Iida Vanonen

Puh: 050 917 2622

Hietanantie 67

16200 Artjärvi

Facebook: Loma-Lassila


Mattsonin Luomumarjatila, Asikkala

Mattsonin Luomumarjatila berry farm grows organic berries including strawberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants. There is also a small farm museum.

Take a tour with the farmer, and hear about the history of the farm and about organic farming. The café sells pancakes with the farm’s own jam and savoury fillings.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 14 July at 12.00–16.00

Contact details

Anu Mattsson
Tel. +358 50 380 3967
Hilliläntie 141, 17430 Kurhila

Facebook: Mattssonin Luomumarjatila
Instagram: mattssoninluomumarjatila


Metsälammen Laamat, Hattula

On Metsälammen Laamat farm, visitors will be able to experience a rare treat in Finland – llamas. Llamas are active and curious, a good companion for a walk, a great exhibition animal and a rugged family pet.

Come and learn more about llamas and admire the baby llamas born in June! Coffee and juice and llama-related products are on sale.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Pia Kekkonen
Mustilanmäentie 34 A, Pekola (Hattula)
p. 040 517 6838




Mikkolan Suoramyynti, Loppi

Mikkolan Suoramyynti has grown from a simple roadside stand selling new potatoes to a local shop with its own bakery and café.

The shop sells the farm’s own produce as well as berries, vegetables, pastries, meat and sausages from neighbouring farms.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 14 at 11-16

Contact details

Antti Mikkola
Tel. +358 400 851742
Läyliäistenraitti 984, 12600 Läyliäinen

Facebook: Mikkolan Suoramyynti
Instagram: mikkolansuoramyynti


Mikkolan tila, Iittala

Mikkola’s farm is an organic farm where, in addition to grains and legumes, the fields are buzzed with bees from the farm’s own apiary.

The previous generations of the farm have collected their own Mikkola museum on the farm, where everyday items of the house are collected over the decades. The museum complex also includes the village blacksmith’s workshop. Mikkola’s farm has a farm shop where you can buy honey and beeswax candles.

Open Saturday 8 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Tiiti Kämäri

Puh: 044 305 0071

Verhontie 120

14500 Iittala

Facebook : Mikkolan tila

Instagram: Mikkolanmaatila


Mukulan luomumarjatila, Iitti

The Mukula farm is a 300-year-old family farm in a traditional landscape on the shore of Lake Urajärvi. The farm grows organic strawberries and in the future other berries. It is our pleasure to open our doors and invite you to feel the atmosphere of an organic farm and the countryside.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 14 at 11.00-18.00

Contact details

Maija Merikanto

Puh: 040 548 7818

Mukulantie 49

47540 Lyöttilä

Facebook: Mukulan tila

Instagram: mukulanluomumarja


Niipalan tila, Hollola

Located in the middle of Hollola’s traditional landscapes, Niipala Farm is a diverse organic farm engaged in vegetable production and tourism services.

Open farms – at the Taste of Häme event, open field organic vegetables are sold according to the harvest situation, e.g. delicious new potato. Various delicacies are available in the campfire cafe.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Mikko Niipala

p. 0452750323

Kirkkotie 16, 15880 Hollola

Facebook: Niipalan tila
Instagram: Niipalantila


Pursilan tila, Hausjärvi

The Pursila farm is a conventional grain farm where regenerative cultivation is practiced. Regenerative agriculture means nurturing and revitalizing the soil, the ecosystem and the biodiversity. The farm also has about 20 cattle for landscaping.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Marja Oesch

puh. 040 8613075
Pursilantie 70, Hausjärvi

Instagram: Pursilan tila

Similän Ratsutila, Tammela

Similän Ratsutila started its life as a farm with working horses. Today, Similä is a riding stables and home to 25 horses and ponies.

During the Open Farms Festival, you can see how the horses are looked after, and go for a carriage drive or on a harness riding.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Mari Similä
Tel. +358 40 573 1978
Similän rantatie 18, 30100 Forssa

Facebook: Similän Ratsutila
Instagram: similanratsutila


Syrjälän marjatila, Topeno

Syrjälän berry farm produces strawberries, potatoes, onions and peas. The farm has a cozy cafè and few farm animals to see. 

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00 -18.00 and Sunday 14 at 10-18

Contact details

Taru Syrjälä
Tel. +358 409388769
Rengontie 91, 12920 Topeno

Instagram: syrjalanmarjatila
Facebook: Syrjälän marjatila


Tuloiselan Marjatila, Hämeenkoski

Tuloiselan Marjatila has been a berry farm for over 40 years. Here you can find seasonal strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, bush blueberries and apples.

The summer café and terrace are open, and the farm shop sells fresh and frozen berries, handicrafts and local food products including flour, berry juices and jams, honey, and meat and fish preserves.

Open Saturday 13 July at 9.00–18.00 and

Sunday 14 July at 10.00–20.00

Contact details

Katriina Tuloisela
Tel. +358 44 056 7675
Lammintie 120, 16800 Hämeenkoski

Facebook: Tuloiselan Marjatila, Kesäkauppa ja kahvila



Valkosipulitila Solstrand, Loppi

Solstrand is a small garden farm that utilizes wild vegetables and grows products without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The farm grows a variety of vegetables and sells preserves made from them and wild herbs. On the day of the event, dishes prepared by the host from the farm’s own ingredients are available. At noon you can also enjoy live music on the farm.

Open Saturday 13 July at 11.00–16.00 

Contact details

Marika Tudeer
Tel. +358 44 5522 555
Sinervänpolku 15, 12750 Pilpala (Loppi)

Facebok: Valkosipulitila Solstrand


Viini- ja Puutarhatila Pihamaa, Asikkala

Pihamaa Vineyard and Brewery produces cider, beer, berry wine, sparkling wine and soft drinks made with its own berries, fruit, and grains.

There is a summer café, and the farm shop sells vegetables and herbs, as well as other local produce.

Open Saturday 13 July at 10.00–17.00 and Sunday 14 July at 12.00–15.00

Contact details

Janne Pihamaa
Tel. +358 50 565 1212
Siltatie 12, 17240 Kalkkinen

Facebook: Pihamaa Viinitila&Panimo
Instagram: pihamaanpanimo